Interstellar Funk zweikommasieben

Les Yeux Orange premieres new Interstellar Funk Remix

French blog Les Yeux Orange premiered Interstellar Funk’s remix of Robert D’s ‘Un Ni Yo’ of off his upcoming release on Belgium label 9300 Records.

Robin De Wolf is a man of many talents (and identities). Almost two years ago, he co-produced a groundbreaking debut EP on 9300 Records, as one half of SHIN. At the moment, he’s making a name for himself as ‘Phara’ with uncompromising hard techno on labels such as Black Sun and Stockholm LTD. And now he delivered three solid tracks under his new alter ego ‘Robert D’.

The original ‘Un Ni Yo is a house track with a wavy sound and affective synths and Interstellar Funk combines the wavy sound of the original with synth-heavy electronics.

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