Private Eyes Safe Trip

New EP by Interstellar Funk as Private Eyes

Private Eyes, a duo made up of Interstellar Funk and Jeroen, are releasing two analogue-heavy electronic workouts, tending towards the atmospheric, on Young Marco’s Safe Trip imprint. Their Mirror Image EP will hit stores Monday February 6th.

A-side ‘Mirror Image’ is spacey and melodious, with an Italo-disco inspired arpeggio bassline underpinning galactic chords and memorable piano lines. It’s a collection of complimentary analogue elements tweaked for maximum late night enjoyment.

On the flip you’ll find Interstellar Funk going solo with ‘Anasazi’, an altogether deeper, more hypnotic affair. Its’ distinctive rhythm comes not from bold drum machine beats, but rather the rising and falling of intricate, micro-house style melodies and looped electronics. It feels like it was influenced by the aural textures of dub techno, the phase-based minimalism of Steve Reich, and the deep space ethos of early ’90s European ambient music.

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